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Mat Häerz a Séil fir d'Gemeng Jonglënster


Children – our priority

Children are the future of our country. That is why we are committed to modern school infrastructures and high-quality childcare. All playgrounds and school yards must be attractive. We give special attention to the leisure activities for children and the club life.

Living  together in our community

Our villages should develop harmoniously and moderately, We want to give young people the opportunity  to continue to live in  our community. In order to maintain the quality of life, we create a "green lung" in all the villages, a place where people meet and feel comfortable, a place that is planned and implemented together with the inhabitants.

Work and live together

We will push forward the economic development and create further jobs without forgetting mobility. We will extend the network of bike and walking trails consistently. We take care of further measures to reduce traffic and provide enough parking space in the village centers.