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Today 's seniors - today' s families

The communal elections are approaching, and the CSV seems to discover new voters: the seniors. 

At a recent meeting, the Collège Echevinal presented its "Club Senior" project, which, together with the Maison des Jeunes (House for Youth), should be set up as an "intergenerational" house. 

We are entitled to ask ourselves whether it is a serious project or a political policy on the eve of the elections. We have not forgotten the flyer distributed before the last ballot and explaining the project of assisted living facilities just before the 2011 election. 

This project has still not been realized - a pity! The CSV / LSAP coalition seems to have difficulty and differences in agreeing to fix a rent price for the project Milvus &Lanius, housing for seniors and people with a disability"; on two occasions, the item on the agenda of the Communal Council was postponed. 

Considering the offer of activities in our municipality, offers likely to attract people of a certain age and adapted to seniors, it is questionable whether or not a "Club Senior" is a demand. 

Today, seniors are healthier and more active than the previous generation, but do they need a structure to organize their free time? The position of the DP is very clear on the question: it would be wise to give a chance to this new club, provided that it works hand in hand with the existing clubs to widen the offer and propose help with all issues that are relevant to seniors. 

To us, it seems more important to consider the need for a "Foyer du Jour", a structure that welcomes elderly people during daytime, who are no longer completely autonomous or need constant care, in order to help in free up their families and their partners. The coalition CSV/LSAP remains silent. 

Similarly, we have to consider for the construction of a second structure for the care of the elderly persons (CIPA) or buy additional beds in such structures. 

The DP is not hostile to the "Club Senior" project, but for the chosen location. Indeed, the land located in Junglinster between a bank and the pre-school "Loupescht" must be reserved in for a planned extension of schools and para-school structures. The DP is committed to extend the existing pre-school building, provisioning all school grounds and playgrounds. School court refurbishment conception will be planned together with the parents and teaching /educational staff and this will apply for all school courts and playgrounds in the commune. 

In Gonderange the extension of the pre-school premises is planned in order to respond to the new required capacity. However, the project is somehow at halt. In Bourglinster an extension of class rooms and sports facility room have to be considered 

The DP is ready to take up the challenge after October, 8th in the interests of children, young people, families and seniors. 

The new General Territory Development Plan (PAG)

Democracy or dictatorship?

The PAG constitutes the vocal point of the building policy governing a municipality. For years, the CSV / LSAP coalition has been trying to propose us a new PAG, at a cost exceeding 2 million euros. 

At the meeting of the Communal Council of February 10, the majority wanted to impose some 400 objects in our commune with an easement, such that no further works could be carried out there anymore on this objects 

Such an easement comprises two elements:

  • buildings, houses or walls can not be transformed except for minor repairs in order to save them 
  • land in the current PAG can not be built until the new PAG comes into force 

There are some 400 objects of some architectural value, but the DP has the right to ask the following question: Can such a procedure be initiated, having interest in personal and private property, without prior professional analysis and without the owner's agreement

Can farmhouses and barns, which today no longer serve, be intelligently transformed into housing facilities or prefer to let these objects for decay? A renovation is often impossible or much more expensive than a demolition and a new construction. Knowing that many of these objects are in the center of our villages, we should think twice about this if we do not want to extend the PAG procedure indefinitely. The DP is concerned that this procedure could induce owners to abandon their properties so that they become obsolete! Land in the current PAG could be reclassified into a green zone or a lower density area, which would significantly decrease the value of the land. It is highly probable that the owners will try to receive financial compensation for this loss of value, by legal means. Are CSV / LSAP managers aware of the fact that many owners are not prepared to accept this dictatorship and will challenge in court to receive what they are entitled to. 

Are the taxes payable to compensate the owners for the unwise decisions of the aediles? Surely not! The DP is formal: only with the agreement of the owner and after analysis of the consequences, the policy can graft a building or land of an easement or a classification. 

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